Screen Protector LG Q60 Premium Tempered Glass


  • Quick & easy installation
  • Maintains full screen sensitivity
  • Prevents up to 95% of all broken displays
  • Scratch & crack protection
  • Case friendly design
  • Free express delivery

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Save on expensive screen repairs of a cracked LG Q60 screen
The FlightLife premium Screen Protector LG Q60 not only simplifies life with your smartphone. It also saves you money on replacing a broken screen of your LG Q60.

Quick and easy installation
The installation of the FlightLife premium Screen Protector LG Q60 is quick and easy. The glass is so good at maintaining touch sensitivity you may even forget you have it installed.

Perfect fit for your LG Q60
Our Screen Protectores are precisely cut to fit your smartphone, and all sensors continue to work perfectly. The surface is fingerprint-resistant and does not diminish the touch or screen experience of your LG Q60.

Prevents 95% of all cracked displays
With a FlightLife Screen Protector LG Q60, you can permanently protect your smartphone from cracks and scratches. For optimal protection, the Screen Protector covers the entire LG Q60 screen. FlightLife Screen Protector can be used with most phone cases without a problem.

Order today and never worry about a cracked LG Q60 screen again!


  • Premium Screen Protector LG Q60
  • Only 0.33 mm thick
  • Precise fit
  • Perfect protection against scratches and cracks
  • Maintains full screen sensitivity
  • Quick & easy installation

Package Content:

  • 1x FlightLife packaging
  • 1x FlightLife premium Screen Protector LG Q60
  • 2x dry/wet wipes
  • 1x dust remover sticker
  • 1x cushioned scraping tool to remove bubbles


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