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FlightLife Tempered Glass Installation

How to install your FlightLife tempered glass in under 2 minutes

Smartphone & Tablet

Clean the entire screen using the green cloth.

Dry the screen with the microfibre cloth.

Use the dust remover to remove any remaining dust particles. Please make sure the screen is entirely dust-free.

Remove the Bulletproof Glass from the packaging.

Carefully place the Bulletproof Glass on the screen.

Pro tip: pay extra attention to the home button and the earpiece. Apply slight pressure on the Bulletproof Glass. It is self-adhesive and can be installed free of bubbles.

Apple/Samsung Watch:

Tips for the assembly on the watch:

  • Please allow enough time for assembling the Bulletproof Glass for smartwatches.
  • After cleaning the surface of the watch, carefully peel off the rear foil of the Bulletproof Glass.
  • The adhesive film under the Bulletproof Glass is highly sensitive. Please avoid touching the film during installation.  
  • After placing the Bulletproof Glass on the Apple Watch, you can reposition the glass slightly.
  • If you see bubbles forming under the Bulletproof Glass, try pushing them out with your finger and applying slight pressure.

Tempered Glass Apple Watch

Sustainability is important. Also for your smartwatch.
Say no to brokens screens.